eXpand Marketing

eXpand Marketing have an innovative approach to strategy development and change management; offering a facilitative approach that drives a models- based practice. We lead client teams through the principles of technology market development and through their own discovery and decision-making process achieve results quickly. Our work often addresses one or more of the following business challenges:

  • Disruptive, early market products and services need breakthrough strategies and tactics in order to gain scalable and sustainable market traction quickly.
  • Mainstream product categories require the development of programmes specifically tailored to accelerate or sustain market performance. Sometimes, this requires the repositioning of a product into a growing category if the current category is waning.
  • All companies can get stuck. Technology and globalization keep changing the game. New growth opportunities arise, yet there can be massive internal resistance to reallocating resources. As a result, companies end up with the same fundamental portfolio while nothing new reaches market. We work to free our clients from the pull of the past and move into new market leading positions.
  • Most enterprises have hidden intangible assets—highly prized by customers and the technical/financial community—which were previously overlooked or not exploited through positioning or value proposition development.
  • Successful and dynamic enterprises often share a common trait:  a single, coherent marketing discipline across all product lines and organizations that can stand up to the ongoing pressure of executive management reviews and the rough and tumble of dynamic markets.
  • Great strategies need dynamic, creative go-to-market programmes tailored to the needs of customers, rather than relying on “the way we have always done it.”

eXpand Marketing specialises in business-building ideas and recommendations that work in the real world. And because our clients have actively participated in their development, organisational buy-in and alignment comes naturally rather than having to be “sold” by the consulting team.