Go To Market

Planning & Development:

Does it sometimes feel like your organization is stuck in an execution rut, doing the same thing the same way, over and over again? No matter how clever or compelling the strategy, poor, outmoded, or misaligned tactical execution of the key elements can ultimately doom your efforts. We can help you drive your initiatives to success with an integrated approach to the key elements of go-to-market planning and development including:

Market Opportunity Assessment & Validation: Where are the category, market, and customer opportunities and how do we establish ourselves within a given reference frame – or create a new one?

Competitive Analysis: Our approach is designed to help product teams and/or business units better understand, anticipate and counter competitive threats.

Portfolio Planning: Most companies manage multiple product/market areas. EM provides executive management guidance in evaluating life-cycle based models in order to gain consensus on market-entry, investment and exit strategies. This typically requires advanced review of all secondary market data available; interviews with the executive management team; and development of scenarios used for assigning relative priorities.

Partner/Ecosystem Planning & Orchestration: Technology companies are increasingly faced with executing plans that involve close cooperation among two or more partners. However, partners with different but complementary business objectives can have difficulty executing their plans due to misaligned assumptions, perceptions, and understanding of each other’s strategic interests. We provide knowledgeable facilitation and mediation, coordinating the development of joint strategy and go-to-market plans with the emphasis on building partner programmes. The result: each party can commit explicitly to an agreed set of strategic outcomes.

Marketing Communications Planning: From positioning, messaging, and taglines to lead generation optimization, we can help you design communications plans that reflect the appropriate market development strategy, as well as provide insight and experience concerning what not to do in order to implement effective programmes.

Sales & Channel Engagement: How you reach out, touch, and communicate with your prospects and customers directly, through partners, or some combination of both ultimately spells success from failure. We literally “go along for the ride” in some cases to assess how your sales team is engaging your target customers as well as provide assistance with sales planning, messaging, and organizational development.

Marketing & Organisational Performance:

We can help you get the most out of your organization through custom-developed professional development programmes that are designed to change the way your organization works, building and sustaining their performance so that you can meet your strategic goals..

We build capacity within an organization by helping your people learn best practices in high-tech strategy development and implementation. Through a series of customisable workshops, we can provide a comprehensive understanding of how and why markets develop for high technology products and services. Key strategy development and go-to-market models are both taught and applied to a client’s specific situation, with the dual goals of installing relevant learning and eliminating current roadblocks to strategic thinking.